TOP Chat Line Numbers: Reviews, Experience, and Free Trials

My chat line experience

Hello. My name is Liz Sanders, and I’m a proud chat line user. I have been using chat lines for more than a year, and I can testify that the experience is heavenly. Chat lines can only be described as heaven-sent social platforms meant to connect soulmates and people who are after having the time of their life. My experience with these platforms has enabled me to identify chat lines crème de la crème.

My high regard for these chat lines is because of the quality of service they offer. As such, I have compiled a list of the very best chat lines that you can use to connect with fellow single people from your area. I live in Los Angeles, and I have been in touch with thousands of other chat line users from my city.

Your location does not really matter when it comes to using chat lines. Whether you are in Miami, Florida, New York, or any other city or town, you can use these chat lines to connect with fellow single people from your area. If you are new to the chat lines, you might be wondering what these social platforms are. So, what are chat lines, what do they entail, and how do they work? Let’s find out.

Liz using chat lines

What’s a Phone Chat Line Service?

A phone chat line service is a social platform where you interact with people from your locality with the same needs as you. Chat lines are different from other social platforms in that users call each other to engage in kinky conversations. They get to know other users’ profiles by listening to a greeting message they have recorded describing themselves and the things they like or prefer. If you are a first-time user, all you have to do is record a short greeting message describing yourself and your preferences when it comes to a potential suitor, and like-minded chat line users will get in touch with you.

Chat Lines Characteristics

1. Chat Lines Are Private.

Chat lines are the most private social platforms of the 21st century. They guarantee users private conversations that never leak to third parties. The reason for this is that they make use of state-of-the-art security systems that use end-to-end encryptions. In simple terms, the conversations you hold with another chat line user are only known to the two of you. Chat lines are like private phone calls that do not keep your information or record the conversations you have with whomever you are talking to.

2. Chat Lines Are Secure.

Chat lines are as secure as Area 51. No matter how good of a hacker one is, they can never hack the systems used by these social platforms. As earlier mentioned, they use end-to-end encryptions that allow only those talking to each other to know the details of their conversations. Using chat lines, worrying about your information or conversations leaking should be the least of your concerns. Chat lines protect users from cyberbullying. There is no room for sexual predators to promote their vices in chat lines.

3. Chat Lines Offer Free Trials.

There is no doubt that chat lines are one of the best social platforms in the world for single people. They not only offer security and guarantee privacy to users, but they also offer free trials to every new user. How awesome is that? Getting free trial minutes to check out a chat line is one of the best ways to determine if a chat line works for you or not. If you feel that a certain chat line is not good for you, you can easily check out another one and another one for free until you make up your mind about which chat line tickles your fancy.

Free Trial Numbers

You might be asking yourself how it is possible to get free chat line services to interact with other hot singles. Well, chat lines are all about interactions, and they thrive by connecting users. For this reason, Joe Blankenship and I contacted individual chat line companies and got their permission to offer free trials to all new users.

Top 10 Chat Lines With Free Trials

Having used numerous chat lines in a span of 12 months after a gruesome experience with dating and matchmaking websites, I can proudly say that the chat lines described below are the ideal solution to desperate souls looking forward to spicing up their dating life. They enable users to share their feelings of joy as well as help them get their romance going. My advice is that users should not just use any chat line they come across. If they do, they should first get to know about the terms of their policy and how private and secure they are. Let’s check out some of the most reputable chat lines in the highly competitive social industry.


Livelinks Logo
Livelinks image.

60-Minute Free Trial

LiveLinks has been identified as a fan favorite chat line by North Americans. This easy-to-use social platform is mainly used by people who are looking for serious relationships and commitment. One of the main things LiveLinks cautions its users is giving out their private information. In as much as it encourages users to chat and get to know each other, it does warn against setting up meetings or dates with people who have not developed trust with each other. However, LiveLinks is very safe and guarantees users complete anonymity while chatting and flirting with each other.

Phone Line Number: 855-572-2699

GuySpy Voice

GUYSPY Voice Logo
Guyspy Voice Image

30-Minute Free Trial

As its name suggests, GuySpy Voice is a chat line for men who want to meet other single men and explore their sexuality. This popular chat line allows men to have naughty phone conversations about their sexual desires without limiting their freedom. GuySpy has over time acquired a reputation for gays hitting on each other with an aim of a casual fling rather than a serious long-term relationship. GuySpy Voice encourages its users to have the time of their life while sticking to its main policy of mutual respect for users. This moderation should not bother you if you are the type of guy intrigued by naughty conversations.

Phone Line Number: (844) 902-0252


Fonochat logo
Fonochat Image

30-Minute Free Trial

Fonochat has dominated the chat line industry for years for a reason; effectiveness and efficiency. This chat line platform is among the best in the industry to connect single boys and girls. It is open to interracial relationships and encourages people of different races to chat and shoot their shots. When you compare Fonochat with other chat lines, you quickly realize that it is among the most accommodative chat lines. Fonochat takes the lead for users looking forward to chatting with hot Latino ladies. However, considering the number of years the chat line has been around the social industry, you should not be surprised by its diversity when it comes to the background of its users.

Phone Line Number: 866-368-7505

Social Voice USA

SocialVoice USA Image

60-Minute Free Trial

Social Voice USA is by far the most popular chat line in the industry. As a fan-favorite, it maintains its reputation by keeping its users happy and contended. Their terms and conditions are not strict and they connect single people from all walks of life. Users of this chat line are fun-loving and diverse. They have different interests and preferences making the chat line one of the easiest chat lines to meet your perfect match. If you are looking for a romantic partner or a casual friend to have long interesting conversations with, Social Voice USA is your best option.

Phone Line Number: 877-599-4785


Tango logo
Tango Image

30-Minute Free Trial

Tango is a highly professional chat line where privacy is their main mantra. Most users who value their privacy prefer this chat line because it guarantees them total anonymity. The chat line makes use of additional protocols that ensure users are safe from security breaches. In as much as it might sound strict, Tango is one of the chat lines that have users who engage in mind-blowing sexual conversations. If you are the type of person who takes your security seriously, Tango should be your preferred chat line when you are searching for a fellow single person to have kinky conversations with.

Phone Line Number: 855-760-3085

RedHot DateLine

RedHot Dateline Logo
Redhot Dateline Image

5-Minute Free Trial

RedHot DateLine has a clear user interface that allows users easy use and access. This chat line is meant for people who want to get straight into the flirting room without beating around the bush or scrutinizing its interface. It also offers 5 minutes free trial that will no doubt leave you wanting more and more of its services. Regardless of whether you are a paid member or you are using the free trial minutes to look for friendship, love, or romance, RedHot DateLine guarantees absolute fun through its numerous features. Users should know that RedHot Dateline takes seriously the terms and conditions indicated on their website and moderations by the chat line are expected. In as much as this chat line promises to match-make its members, it might not be a cup of tea to users who take pride in extreme sexual conversations. However, it is still a decent spot to have civilized sexual conversations with local singles.

Phone Line Number: 827-231-5531


5-Minute Free Trial

If you consider yourself wild enough to get strangers head over heels over you just by engaging them in smooth conversations, Megamates should be your preferred chat line. Megamates chat line users have no chills when it comes to erotic conversations. Megamates does not have a lot of restrictions and it gives its users the freedom to do pretty much what they like. However, users should ensure they go through the terms of use of the chat line. Their easygoing mindset does not mean that it does not exercise some reasonable degree of moderation. Most Megamates users are open-minded and will entertain almost any kinky conversation. If you can be able to play by their rules, Megamates will offer you the very best services that ensure you get the best out of the chat line.

Phone Line Number: 817-231-7731

Lavender Line

Lavender Line Logo
Lavender Line Image

5-Minute Free Trial

Although Lavender Line has been in the chat line industry for quite some time, owners and developers have made changes that have widely improved its design. Lavender Line hosts diverse users and does not specialize in hosting or connecting a specific niche. When you compare this chat line to newer chat lines, you will realize that it has users from various age groups as opposed to newer chat lines which mostly have the younger generation. Most users have conversations about their education or profession other than engaging in sexual or erotic conversations. If after self-assessment you find out that you belong to such a group, I highly recommend the use of Lavender Line to make meaningful relationships.

Phone Line Number: 827-42-1231

Interactive Male

Interactive Male
Interactive Male Image

10-Minute Free Trial

Interactive Male is one of the chat lines that has endured the test of time. This chat line is quite famous with picky singles who are interested in long-lasting meaningful relationships. If you are looking for a chat line with thousands of users, this chat line is your solution courtesy of its daily heavy traffic. However, in as much as Interactive Male is popular with many chat line users, it is important to keep in mind that not many of them will suit you so you shouldn’t get your hopes too high.

Phone Line Number: 827-331-1231


yummyvibe logo
Yummy Vibe Image

5-Minute Free Trial

YummyVibe is an urban chat line that is quite popular with African Americans. However, the chat line is quite accommodative to different races and welcomes members from all walks of life. If you feel lonely and need a partner to be by your side, YummyVibe will sort you out and match-make you with a marvelous partner. YummyVibe values your privacy and goes an extra step to ensure that users enjoy discreet conversations without stressing about the exposure of their conversations. One of the best things about this chat line is that it has a 24-hour chat service that enables you to share your wildest fantasies from the comfort of your home.

Phone Line Number: 881-238-1231


My vast experience with different chat lines numbers and how they work has exposed me to the ins and outs of the above chat lines. All these chat lines are different and unique. They pretty much work the same way and their main difference is their individual audience or fan base. As a chat line expert, my advice to new members is that they should take advantage of the free trial minutes and check out all the chat lines to determine which chat line suits them best. Good luck in your chat line dating experience and I hope you will be in touch here at