About Us

About Us

Lizlovely.com is among the leading chat lines in the world. Our popularity is mainly attributed to the outstanding customer service we offer and the high level of technology of our systems. It is for this reason that we have managed to garner hundreds of thousands of loyal chat line users from every corner of the world. Having started as an idea of exploring and getting rid of boredom, we quickly developed into a serious chat line after a series of successful match-making by people of different sexuality from various backgrounds.

At the moment, we have loyal chat line users who flock our systems 24/7 courtesy of our diversity. Our chat lines are used by African American, Latinos, lesbians, gays, and other types of single people. Most of our users are from Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, the chances of you coming across someone from anywhere in the world are high. We have options for everyone. 

As you are aware, we are at a digital age where social sites have mushroomed from all corners of the globe. We have the likes of Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tinder. All these social platforms offer users various interaction options like poking and direct messages. However, we have set ourselves apart from these social platforms by being unique. We are glad to offer our users the opportunity of getting in touch with each other directly without the delays experienced in other social platforms; at lizlovely.com, you do not have to wait for days for your crush to reply your messages. What’s more, you have the chance to flirt with singles from your community and if one does not meet your expectations, you can easily move on and flirt with another person.

We do not ask for registrations fees and we have moderators who help enforce chat room rules to ensure that our chat lines are safe for everyone. Our site uses a combination of the latest software that ensures your chats are encrypted and only you and the person at the other end of the line can know the details of your conversation. Our private and secure chat lines are open to all users who have attained the age of the majority.

If you are looking forward to finding your perfect match, regardless of whether you want to be in a serious relationship, whether you are in it for casual love or whether you want to make new meaningful relationships, lizlovely.com has the answers to all your needs. Check us out today, you won’t regret it.